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I read the excerpt of the book on Carl Honore's site...its was satisfying to read someone putting into words feelings I have but had not articulated. 

A few years ago, I left the biotech/high tech world after four jam packed years at a very successful biopharma startup.  A lot of coworkers thought I was crazy to give up a senior position, benefits, and options to take a personal sabbatical... but I really wanted to slow down, take a break, and to study Aikido.

This was not a sudden impulse. I remember having the same thoughts right after graduating from college in the early 80’s and saying to myself then...”after I get a job, I’ll have time to study Aikido”.  Twenty years went by and I find myself still thinking... "when I'm done with this project, I'll have time to study Aikido"!

That was when I realized unless I step off the treadmill (and leave behind a lot of the incentives that kept me there) I would be in my 60s and still be wishing the same thing!

It’s been two and a half years since I started my Aikido studies... sometimes I miss the perks, but it sure feels a lot better getting up in the mornings!  I know I’ll be back working at some point, but slowing down, studying Aikido, and just taking the time to savor things sure gave me a whole new perspective on what I wanted out of my time on this planet :-)

For me, a change of pace has been much better than a change of scenery... Carl's book is timely for those finding themselves constantly out of time.

  In Praise of Slow

I came across an interesting book today titled "In Praise of Slow" by Carl Honore.

It contrasted sharply with the images on TV this morning of the start of the holiday shopping frenzy.



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