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The "Pismo" laptop is great older Apple G3 machine that can still run the new OS-X operating system.  The screen is bright, the lines are sleek, and it has a very solid feel... both in its keyboard and in its overall construction. 

You can hot-swap different modules (floppy, CD-ROM, DVD, Zip, batteries) in and out of the two bays on its side.  Since the laptop has been discontinued, you can find some great module bargains on EBay!

Extra batteries are useful and you can get them at a reasonable price ($60), but be sure they can still hold a charge... since most of them are at least 3 years old!  Many other accessories (Zip drives, floppy drives) for this laptop can be had for less than $10 on EBay.

  Apple G3 Laptop/OS-X

Apple released their new operating system OS-X about five years ago.   At around the same time, they released their next generation of Titanium G3 Laptops.

It meant the discontinuation of one of the best and most well designed laptop series in Apple's history...the G3 Powerbooks.

Since the Powerbook line was pretty mature, all the design bugs were worked out... just in time for it to be discontinued.

The last in the G3 Powerbook series was code named "Pismo".  It had Firewire ports, DVD-ROM, hotswap bays, dual battery capabilities, and a 12" 24 bit LCD screen.  It was also the one that comfortably spanned both the OS-9 and OS-X world.

At an average sale price of $400 on EBay (if you can find one), it makes the cut for "Good Enough" Gear on Rainy Day Magazine!

Accessing the inside :

1. Remove Keyboard

Drive Upgrade :

1. Remove Old Drive

2. Install New Drive

3. Install DVD Burner

Seagate Drive Specs:

1. General Info

2. 7200 RPM specs

3. 5400 RPM specs

Software Upgrade :

1. Install OSX + iLife

12 GB External Drive:

1. iRocks 9200 HDD Install

Memory Upgrade:

1. RamJet 512 MB module install

2. Another module to Slot 2



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