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I REALLY like the fact that Charge2Go have different connectors that can work with the same base unit.  It really annoys me when manufacturers make you buy a new unit just because the connector is different.... not so with Charge2Go.  Of course, the downside is you could end up losing the small cable, less likely if you leave it plugged into the base.

The base unit is very small... will easily fit in your pocket.  The red LEDs flashes when it is charging the phone. There is no need to wait for the battery to charge up before using the phone... the phone is ready for use as soon as you plug in the Charge2Go.  Nice user-centric design!

There are other small but useful details such as the small hole at the base cap for a key ring... you would have to find a pretty thin ring to fit.

The BEST part about this charger is it uses a standard AA batteries.  This is key for emergency recharging!  Next time you travel, leave the bulky charger at home...bring a Charge2Go with you instead.


Things like cell phones, PDAs, and laptops makes our life easier... mostly because they free us from having to be at specific placs in order to do specific things.  The price for this freedom is we have to power all these devices...which means we have to, at some point, recharge them.

If you are like me...you sometimes push the limits of "empty", especially with cell phone :-) The folks at Charge2Go have created a solution for cell phones that is useful, elegant, and affordable. 

In fact, it is so inexpensive and convenient to use, you should get a few of them and leave one in the car, one at the office, and one in your briefcase or purse.

It doesn't take a genius to see how this design would be great for PDAs, iPods, etc...  I would bet you will hear a lot more about these guys soon!


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