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Plextor convertXPVR/EyeTV:

Timed Recording

By Wan Chi Lau


In this segment, we'll take a look at the process of setting up a timed recording using the EyeTV software.

The EyeTV software automatically select the quality of the recording based on the speed of the USB port used to connect the ConvertXPVC unit.  We did some test recording at the lower quality mode with USB 1.1 connection.

We upgraded to USB 2.0  (IOGear) and recorded in the highest quality mode to see if there were any observable differences.

We would recommend upgrading to the faster (40x) USB 2.0 if possible.


1. Hardward Installation...

2. Software Installation...

3. Recording Shows...

4. Playback on a PDA...



Photography by Wan Chi Lau
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