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The Sun is always shining at Mohegan Sun
Everything Else
by Carolyn Donovan, March 2006


The Rest of it

Mohegan Sun is a visual feast; there is something to look at everywhere you, um, look. The ceilings have unusual coverings – many of them are beaded, and if you think making those necklaces takes a long time, try making something that’s about 20 foot square, and then making a lot of them.

When you walk out of the elevator towers, you walk through the hotel sitting area, then out to the hotel lobby. The rest of the resort opens to your left in a V shape. You have to descend stairs/escalators on either side of the mini-waterfall (that comes from the pond in the lobby) and there you are standing in front of the waterfull, thinking, “Wow, this is really cool.” The casinos are at the end of each arm of the V, but there are lots to see and do before you get to them.

The difference between this mountain and K2?
You can get a drink at this mountain

The Waterfall

In front of the waterfall is a martini bar. We got an Appletini, and a something else martini that had strawberry vodka in it. I profess, it was my fault that I ordered it. Just being at Mohegan Sun makes you a little giddy. The bar was on a low, wide bridge that spanned the pool eddying in front of the waterfall, with tables and chairs in addition to the bar. Behind the waterfall is Tuscany, an upscale Italian restaurant.

You can't see the top of this without craning your neck




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Photography by Wan Chi Lau and Carolyn Donovan