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Winter IS Summer in Miami

Ah, Miami. We've just come back from our annual sojourn. Oh, who am I kidding, the first time I was ever in Miami was last year...

Isn't the Copa around here somewhere?

What a great four days we had in Miami. And we had four full days, because we caught the 6AM flight out of Boston.

If you don’t think you can remain in the same time zone and still get jet lag, try catching getting up at 3:30AM in order to be on a 6AM flight for Miami. And we live in Boston; we didn’t even have to drive in from the suburbs!


(Of course, Wan did not get jet lag because Wan can sleep in an airplane seat. Even before the plane takes off. Even before the seat-belt sign is turned off and you can recline the seat back…)


What a great hotel

A new me - Miami style!

Every Body in Miami

Where we ate


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Photography by Wan Chi Lau